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My own personal Oregon Trail, part 1

Does anyone remember the old video game Oregon Trail? It was designed to teach children about the realities of life on the Oregon Trail, from hunting for your supper to dying from dysentery.

While I have no plans to die of dysentery anytime soon, this trip to California was like my own personal Oregon Trail game. We literally were trading elk skins for my printing press. How very pioneer of us!

Let me explain: Doug’s cousin wants to open up an elk farm of his own someday, and has been getting to know the kind folks at Rosse Posse Acres, an elk ranch in Molalla, OR. He bought some skins a while back, but had no way of getting them down to California where he lives. Since Doug and I were going to his place to pick up my printing press, we decided to make a trade; elk skins for a printing press.

Our Oregon Trail Trip:

First Doug and I had to pick up the elk skins from the elk ranch in Molalla.  On our way to the farm, I just had to stop and get a picture of the sky at 6:30am. It was incredibly beautiful!

As the journey (i.e. our drive) continued, we stopped and dipped our toes in the Pacific Ocean. It was only my second time, so I was definitely excited!

Our trip would not be complete without needing to Ford a River. Well… Creek actually… But my little car made it with no problems.

Having successfully maneuvered our way down the trail to northern California, it was time to make the trade and head back home to inspect (and restore) our prize.

Kelsey Excelsior Printing Press Pictures coming soon!