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My own personal Oregon Trail, part 2

We made it back home to Oregon all in one piece! We did not die of dysentery, nor break an arm.

And, while we did not receive any awesome fictional points to add to our treasure trove, we did acquire a FABULOUS Kelsey Excelsior 6″ x 10″ tabletop printing press.

Unbelievably, the press appears to have all its moving parts. It was probably put in a barn in the 70’s and left there. There are a few makeshift repairs, such as a nail holding on the ink disk operating dog, or the spray paint red paint job.

Despite the few problems, it is in really good condition. I am still going to attempt a full restoration job on it. It just seems to me that if I am going to take the whole thing apart to clean it, I might as well do it right. So in the coming months, I will full disassemble, clean, repaint, regrease, etc. I’ll be posting the whole restoration process.

And, just for the fun of it, I am including a picture of my cat investigating the new press.