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nouveau iris-mini  Nouveau Iris

“Nouveau Iris”

Limited Edition: 60 prints
Image size: 7″h x 8.5″w
Paper size: 10″h x 12″w
Medium: Wood Engraving
Material: Resingrave Block
Paper: Acid-free Arches Text Wove
Inks: Oil-Based Block Printing Ink, Purple
By Alexia Rostow, 2012


This print was originally inspired by the Great Blue Heron that lives in the creek behind my home. He has such a distinct personality that I wanted to capture. Stylistically, “Nouveau Iris” is influenced by the Art Nouveau & Japonism movements of the early 20th century. The iris and the crane (here a blue heron) are two fo the more common natural subjects of japanese art. When discovered by the West, European artists picked up on these themes and re-interpreted them for the western audience.

PRICE: $60.00

To purchase this print, or to see more detailed photos, please see its listing on Etsy here.

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