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Baby Got Letterpress Broadside

Baby Got Letterpress Broadside

Big Type form Big Type printed Itty-bitty type form

“I like BIG TYPE and I cannot lie!” If you have ever said this (or thought it) you need this poster! A parody of the infamous ‘Baby Got Back’ verse by Sir Mix-a-Lot, this poster broadside reads,

“I like Big Type and I cannot lie.
You other printers can’t deny:
When your form gets set with some itty-bitty type
and some reglets in your chase,
it gets proofed!”

Set in a variety of sizes and typefaces, this broadside poster mixes metal and wood type with decorative leading and cuts. For more on the setting and printing of this piece, see my blog post: http://www.porcuprints.com/?p=1387

Paper: 8 1/2 x 11″ Cranes Lettra 110lb.
Edition Size: 25

THIS IS NOT A DIGITALLY REPRODUCED PRINT! I designed it, hand set it in wood and metal type, the printed it in two colors, black and red, on my 1913 Chandler & Price 12×18 New Series letterpress.

Price: $35.00

To purchase, please see listing on Etsy:




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