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Artist’s Statement:
This print depicts a glider plane soaring through the cloud riding the ridge waves. My goal for this piece was to show the calm and silence that one experiences whilst flying in a glider. There is no engine roaring, no cabin full of screaming children. There is only you amongst the clouds.
Many aspects of this print were influenced by early renaissance prints. For example, the clouds were carved in imitation of Albrecht Durer’s clouds in his print of “The Riders on the Four Horses” from his Apocalypse series. The rolling hills were styled after the depictions of land by Michel Wolgemut in his woodcuts for The Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493.

Edition: 1
Edition Size: 25
Image size: 4″ x 6″
Medium: Woodcut
Material: solid cherry block
Inks: Oil-based

Price: $45

To puchase this print, please see the Purchasing/Contact Page or email me.


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