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Picking up my Kelsey Letterpress!

The time has finally come! Tomorrow I am driving down to a teeny tiny town in California to pick up my very own tabletop letterpress. While I have, and love, my little etching press, I have been coveting a letterpress. While a floor model C&P would be ideal, something like that would definitely not fit in my apartment.

Amazingly, my other half’s uncle ran across a little tabletop press a swap meet a month or so ago. We asked him to keep an eye out for presses, in the unlikely event that something should show up. One day, he calls and says, “so I found this little press at a swap meet. It was 50 bucks, I picked it up for you.” These things never happen in real life!

I haven’t seen it yet, but I am pretty sure it is a Kelsey Excelsior. Hopefully it will look like this:

However, I don’t know what condition it is in. I am just crossing my fingers that it has an inking disk. Everything else can be made or replaced pretty easily, but those ink disks are expensive to replace.

So, as I said, we are driving down tomorrow to pick up my baby press! I can’t wait to see it and set to work on restoring it to working order!

I will be writing about every detail of the restoration, so check back for updates!