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International Hug-a-Medievalist Day!

Dear Readers:

Today, as I have just discovered, has been appointed “International Hug a Medievalist Day! This long overdue holiday has made a splash on Facebook with almost 5,000 attendees. It has also found its way to the New Yorker online where Macy Halford has written a humorous and all too true argument on behalf of the holiday. You can find it here. My favorite line reads:

Perhaps because they delight in details and see worlds within them, medievalists are uniformly possessed of an excellent if slightly juvenile sense of humor, which becomes more pronounced when they drink and their inherent social awkwardness wears off. They drink most nights, usually at dimly lit pubs or sitting in tight clusters on the floors of grad-student apartments, and they prefer to drink red wine or ale.

I offer a choice quote to whet your appetite, but to get the full effect, you must read Ms. Halford’s article.

So please, go hug your favorite medievalist and spread the love!