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Mac Plus Project

Last year my trusty Mac Powerbook G4 threatened to die on me. The “Y” key stuck and the down arrow didn’t work at all. It was slowing down and crashing at the most inopportune times. Of course this was in the midst of trying to write/finish my Masters Thesis, so we couldn’t let that happen. I got a shiny new laptop and finished my thesis while the old Powerbook sat alone in the corner feeling neglected.

Then, Doug’s (my boyfriend, and live-in tech support) laptop started acting up! His screen died! So, we had one computer whose keyboard didn’t work and one whose screen didn’t work. Of course Doug had to take them both apart and Frankenstein a whole laptop together from the working parts.

So what does this story have to do with printmaking you ask? Well, all the leftover parts from Doug’s Franken-computer gave me an idea for a great mixed media project. What if I framed a print of an antiquated Mac computer in the screen frame of a modern Mac laptop? I mean, you have to have a silly, fun project every once in a while!

So I designed a small line drawing of a Mac Plus Computer. The Mac Plus was the third computer Macintosh ever put out. It was introduced in 1986. Doug still has his, of course, for nostalgic purposes. I think he can still play Sim Ant or some other obscure computer game on it….

Anyway, here is the design for this project: