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Google Art Project

Imagine Google Street View, but inside a museum. This is Google’s latest project, and for those of who, like me, who can’t travel around the world just to look at art, here is your opportunity. The Google Art Project allows viewers to explore the galleries of a museum (and there a many to choose from, both in the USA and in Europe) by maneuvering through its rooms.

You may also zoom in and view many of the artworks in high resolution by  clicking on the little plus-sign beside the piece. This will take you to a larger image of the work that you can zoom in on and even read information on the work, notes and artist information.

Essentially, Google is merging its street view with with a digital art collection and catalog.

This is such a wonderful teaching tool for art historians because it allows teachers to take their students on a visual journey through the museums as well as have free access to high resolution images.

Not to mention just how cool it is!