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McClain’s Printmaking Supplies

I realize that I mention McClain’s on a fairly regular basis, but I have never explained what it is. McClain’s Printmaking Supplies is an online store for everything related to woodblock printmaking and engraving. They specialize in relief printmaking materials including carving tools, woodblocks, ink, paper, and sharpening tools. This is also where I purchase my Resingrave Blocks and engraving tools.

Currently owned by Alex Prentiss, an woodblock and letterpress artist with a background in library science and illustration, McClain’s staff is made up of working artists who use the materials they sell. This ensures that they always have high quality products.

McClain’s is based in Portland, Oregon, but does not have a storefront. Unfortunately that means that most of the country must have their items shipped. However, for those artists located in or around Portland, McClains offers a Will Call service at PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art) in the Pearl District. At $3.00, this certainly beats USPS prices!

So there you have it folks. McClain’s is wonderful. Check them out. Let it be your New Year’s Resolution.