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New Etsy Listing

My latest listing on Etsy has just gone live! It is a hand-colored version of “Don’t Play Koi with Me!” I used calligraphy inks and watercolors for the color. Also, I added a calligraphy gold ink in the tail and body to make the koi fish scales pop! Click on the image to see the Etsy listing and more photographs!


Freshly Printed- Tattooed Woman

Last week I successfully printed my tattooed woman block! To be entitled “Don’t Play Koi with Me!” this print celebrates both the human figure and the art of tattooing. The human form is an enduring theme in art. To study, and to understand the human form, students often draw from live models. For the viewer, an artistically posed nude is
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Tattooed Woman, carving in process

My latest print features a woman with an (almost) full back tattoo. I just finished carving the block, but I wanted to give you a taste before I print it! Stay tuned for more photos and the final print!