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Had a grand time at Crafty Underdog!

I had so much fun on Sunday at Crafty Underdog! It was my first show, so it was all a grand adventure. From the booth setup to the tear down, it was all new. And while there were not a whole lot of visitors (darn you PDX for having blue sky!) it was a wonderful experience none-the-less.

Crafty Underdog Apr 2013

I know I need some more color on my booth to make it really pop, but for a first show, I think it’s not too shabby!

My parents were visiting from the East Coast this past weekend too, so they dropped by the show to say hello! Doug even captured a shot of my mom and me giggling over something:

Crafty Underdog Apr 2013 - Mom and Me

And as an added bonus, I got a photo of a double rainbow the next day! It has to be a sign of good things to come. I can’t wait for my next show already!

Double Rainbow!