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Craft Show Money Apron

While prepping for my first year of Craft/Art Shows, I realized that I had no way of handling cash. After searching, I found a small, locking cashbox at Goodwill for $5. I thought my problems were solved. But as I got closer to the date of my first show, I just couldn’t see how I was going to handle protecting the cashbox and doing everything else I needed to do (like talking to buyers, showing off/explaining my work, and dealing with anything else that came up). I had also read others experiences with cashboxes, and I knew I couldn’t use it. So I had to find another solution. The Answer: A Money Apron!

I looked on Etsy, and other crafters’ blogs, for patterns that would fit my needs. But I couldn’t find what I wanted. Nothing had a zippered pouch for protecting the money AND pockets for important things like pens, business cards, etc. So I created my own.

Apron Pattern

I based my pattern off others that I had seen, and my own needs. It has a large zippered pouch in the center for money. On the sides there are a variety of pocket sizes, including a business card holder and a pen pouch. I had to edit certain aspects of the apron based on what materials I had lying around the house. I didn’t spend any money to make this apron. If I had, I definitely would have gotten a longer zipper that went all the way across the money pouch, but this was the zipper I had. As it is, it works perfectly, so I don’t see a need to change it. In the next picture you can see the zipper.

Apron Zipper Detail

The fabrics I chose were ones that I thought worked together (and that I had enough scraps of).

Full Apron

The business card holder proved invaluable at the show. If someone has trouble locating the business cards on the table, just reach down and grab one from your pouch and hand it over. No thinking involved. Someone needs a pen to sign a check? Voila, you can easily produce one. Need your Square Card Reader in a hurry? No problem, it’s right there.

No cashbox to worry about. Everything is right there, on your person. I highly recommend making one of these if you are doing a Craft/Art Show. It only took a few hours to make, and it made my life a million times easier.