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Homemade Boxcar Base

This past weekend Doug finished making me a couple of aluminum bases for deep relief photopolymer plates! He milled down the aluminum to .853″ (+/- .0005″!). I never realized how difficult it would be to get such an exact tolerance on something. Thank goodness he knows what he is doing! Then he sent the milled aluminum out to be anodized.

We finally got them back from the anodizers, so on Saturday we laser-engraved a grid onto the surface for easier plate alignment. Here’s the final product!

My boxcar base

I especially love that it he personalized the bases just for me!

Base with plate

He made me two identical bases (that he machined together) so that they can be used as one bigger 6×8 base.

I ordered some photopoly plates yesterday so I can get printing with my new bases soon!