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C&P Press Alterations

I finally took some pictures of the alterations that Doug and I made to the C&P. These changes were needed in order to slow the press down and make it a bit safer.

First, we replaced the large pulley on the motor with a much smaller one. This resulted in slowing the press down slightly. It isn’t a drastic change, but it is an important one for making me feel a bit safer running the press.

C&P New motor pulley

the new, smaller pulley

Second, Doug rewired the press to an Emergency Stop Button. When pulled out, the press turns on. If the operator leans in too close to it, his/her body will depress the button and stop the press.

Press E-Stop

This should minimize the possibility of getting fingers caught in platen. In addition, the BIG RED button calls immediate attention to the safety hazards of the press and says “Pay Attention Now!!”

So hopefully these changes will make my new press safer and stop people from doing anything stupid around it.

And, just for kicks, here are a couple new photos of the whole press:

C&P Front view

C&P Side view