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New Press!

Abut a week ago I purchased an amazing press! The press is a Chandler & Price 12×18 New Series.

C&P Front View

C&P Platen and Ink Disk

This style of press was was manufactured between 1911 and 1964. According to the C&P Press catalog, “In many a [print] shop, this press is the one that is always busy.” It can handle any job up to about 11″x14″ without any difficulty.

C&P 12x18 - from C&P press catalog

My press is motorized, but the speed is rather frisky. I plan to slow it down. While a traditional print shop would have had no problem running it so fast, I don’t need to produce so much so quickly. I would much rather reduce the risk of finger smashing than try to keep up with this monster. Thank goodness I have a partner who understands gear ratios and can slow the motor down without too much trouble. I will definitely be posting updates on this process, so stay tuned.

I am already prepping come more greeting card designs to try out on the press. I can’t wait until I get it up and running!