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Gail Vance and her amazing enamel jewelry

Gail Vance, my wonderful mother, has recently changed careers. While her first was in law, her second is as an amazing jewelry maker and enamel artist. Gail Vance is a name to watch out for in the Alexandria, VA/Washington D.C. area.

She draws much of her inspiration from the art nouveau and deco periods, as can be seen in the shapes she choses to work into her designs. She began working with beads and wire years ago, but has moved on to incorporating enamel into her pieces. Her wirework can be seen in the chain in the above piece.


The set above is another of her wonderful pieces. She adds texture and three-dimensionality into the metal before she even begins working the enamel into the design. When she finally does, the enamel highlights the shape and gives the piece even more depth. This interplay of color and texture creates a movement and flow in her jewelry that is not often seen.

Gail has recently been included in her first public exhibition, The Torpedo Factory’s Art League 2012 Student/Faculty Art Show.

To see a picture of Gail’s piece in the show (and other works from the exhibition) click the link below:



I am a very lucky person to have come from such a creative and talented family!