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I finally finished the bookplates! A personal project, the image and layout of the bookplate was meant to accentuate my, and my POSSLQ Douglas’, interests and passions. And we finally got them printed. This has been a year of planning; from “cool idea” to drawings to execution.

Check this out! —->

To me, that was an immensely daunting stack of paper to have printed, but now I can officially call my books my own (and even have a little class while doing it).

I have not yet decided whether I will put my bookplate up on the website, considering it is a personal project. If I do decide to put it there, I will add a more detailed description of the imagery and symbolism in the bookplate. If I don’t put it up, I will give a more detailed description here. Stay tuned for my decision.


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    Good Morning,
    Would you llike to exchange bookplates?
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